Saturday, May 09, 2009

MacRobert's Reply - Not for Self But for Country

As a resident of Tarland and the son of a former RAF officer it is good to see that the name of Macrobert has not been forgotten.

The story of the deaths of all of Lady MacRobert's sons is very sad but the way she went on to help both her country and the RAF is truly inspirational. Even now 60 years after her death her fortune is helping many organisations to help many people and help run many national institutions. Over 800,000 pounds was spent in the 2008 financial year, including over 20,000 pounds to local groups in Tarland.

It would be only right that her name lives on by naming a new Typhoon after her and the family Motto of "Not for Self But for Country". A motto that would well be remembered by some of those who purport to leading our country in these dark times.

Call to salute the height of courage - News:

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subrosa said...

Unfortunately very few civilians understand such honourable duty these days but may the few who do continue to remind those lacking in selflessness.

Jings I sound like a preacher!