Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tearjerking Hypocrisy

Who said this and when?

And so here I am - working for this incredible country, while trying as far as possible to give my children an ordinary childhood

Some people have been asking why I haven't served my children up for spreads in the papers

And my answer is simple

My children aren't props; they're people

Clue here.

Today we get this.

The PM has been meeting people all day. But when we walk into the living room of the flat 'above the shop', there is someone else waiting patiently for his help - a small boy wearing a pair of cartoon pyjamas. 'The wheel's come off,' says John Brown, five next week, handing over a Transformers car. 'Fix it, Dad.'

Brown puts his jacket on the coffee table, where a stack of official papers are ready for tomorrow. Then, obligingly, he gets down on all fours on the carpet, his tie flapping, and searches for the missing wheel.

Stunning, but why should be surprised by the King of Brownies, supported by the Prince of Darkness

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