Friday, October 10, 2008

MoD computer hard drive missing

Stunning a year after the major loss of Child Benefit data our government agencies and their contractors are still holding unencrypted data on portable disks that are either easily stolen or mislaid. In this case it is serving soldiers, many of whom will be abroad with little or no access to check if their id's are being used fraudulently.

What are they thinking about. Have they no brain, have they not ready anything about secure holding of data. Data such as this should be encrypted from birth to death and never stored unencrypted in any form for any reason.

It's not that difficult but it does require decent systems and processes. These are obviously missing despite the warnings and reports.

Yet again we have the same problem and yet again still bonus's will be paid and heads will not roll. Shocking and a disgrace to our serving forces.

BBC NEWS | UK | MoD computer hard drive missing

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