Friday, October 10, 2008

More La-La from Gordon

According to Gordon who was speaking from his home in La-La land

... he was working internationally to reduce the price of oil, and that he'd like to see the winter fuel allowance higher, were it not for the need to balance expenditure.“I’d like the winter allowance, frankly, to be higher, but we’ve got to balance off the need to do other things such as increase expenditure on the health service and meet all our targets on the health service.

“I’m trying to get the oil price down, and get the fall passed on directly to people at the petrol pumps and then on to gas and electricity bills. “We are determined that just as people pass on the rise, they pass on the fall when the oil price falls.“We want to see more stability – I’m talking to OPEC members and telling them that they must not cut oil production now…they must act in a statesman like way to help the rest of the world by having a stable reduction in the oil price.

Translation. I'm about to try and bribe the voters but I've just found out I left my wallet at home so you'll have to wait a few days. After Saving the world from Financial Meltdown, I am now sorting out the final problem of Oil Prices over which I have no control, I think God consults me and my Beatification is now complete.

Men in white coats are now talking to the Prime Minister to explain to him he is no longer in control of the future of the UK.

Update: Spectator has this as Gordon's Canute moment

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