Thursday, October 09, 2008

Join Gordon Brown in his La-La Land

The linked article in the Times is a must read for you to understand the fantasy La-La land our supposed Prime Minister is living in.

He is currently touring the country explaining to us how he has single-handily cured the world of all its financial ill's whilst inanely grinning at anyone who asks him a tricky question such as "What about the coming Recession?".

Now the Spectator suggests it's not even his own plan but comes from the G7/IMF World Bank Leaders.

He has obviously been told to look cheery in the face of the current crisis but his inability to work out what is appropriate during current times is beyond belief. This was again demonstrated at PMQ's this week when he managed to destroy any sense of the crisis staring him in the face by his inappropriate response to David Cameron's last question, when he was accompanied in his supposed joke by the braying donkeys of his supposed Government

As Gordon fĂȘtes his five year 500 billion "stability and restructuring" plan, World Stock markets are dropping like stones for the seventh day in a row and countries, companies and our countrymen are going bankrupt at an alarming rate. Soon Gordon will not be able to sleep for his phone ringing as another company goes bankrupt, will he be laughing for much longer.

His inability to understand that the UK is uniquely badly placed to face this recession is now becoming a joke around the world. His belief that under his 10 years of stewardship of the economic well-being of the country he created a masterpiece immune to boom and bust has collapsed around him like the walls of Jericho but he remains convinced that it was nothing to do with him.

He has pissed the wealth of this nation down a drain of spending that we could not sustain whilst not even managing to sort out those problems his government promised to cure, back 11 years ago in the heady days of 1997. Now he is attempting to portray himself as Moses returned to deliver us from this Crisis of his own doing.

I am now seriously worried about our former great country, we have a leader who can't lead and is in a state of beatification, believing himself the great leader and curer of all ills, when in fact he is verging on delusional.

Our only hope, up here in Scotland, seems to be that Alex Salmond can bring forward his promise of Independence and we can lock Gordon away down in England. Time to vote SNP or have I now gone La-La as well.

We must lead the world to financial stability | Gordon Brown - Times Online


Diablo said...

Good on ya, Fitaloon! Nail hit firmly on the head!

However, if you are going to make us who live in England suffer by locking him away down here be very careful about giving Salmond too much power. He's another delusional character who'll end up bankrupting the Scottish economy just like Brown has done for the UK.

Noddy said...

I knew you'd come round eventually!

Noddy said...

OK I'm going to put my Economics head on here. I think we can trace today's crisis back to one disastrous decision a few years back by Alan Greenspan to reduce interest rates.

Naturally, abidy, businesses, private individuals went on a credit spree offered by the banks and low and behold people found they couldn't meet their outgoings and it all went Pete Tong.

Northern Rock should have set the warning bells ringing out loud, but it was ignored. Then came the Fannies and the Freddies and the other banking rocks like HBOS.

So what do you do. You reduce interest rates. Genius! I predict a riot.