Sunday, June 15, 2008

Why we should not ratify the Lisbon Treaty.

Read the following article in the Financial Times to see why we should never trust the Eurocrats to be in any way responsible for our country.

Some of the choice quotes are as follows

Why am I so confident that the Lisbon treaty is going to be implemented? Because, contrary to widespread protestations, Europe’s leaders actually have a plan B. It is not a pretty plan. Just listen to what senior French and German politicians had to say over the weekend. Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the German foreign minister, suggested on Saturday that one way to implement the treaty was for Ireland to withdraw temporarily from the process of European integration. This is a fairly exotic comment for an otherwise non-exotic minister. I had no idea that that you could temporarily withdraw from the EU and rejoin it later, as though you were buying a forward contract with an option attached. What he is saying in effect is that Ireland should quit the EU.
And another near the end
What if the Irish government refused to hold a second referendum? In that case I would suspect a frantic discussion about enforcing the Lisbon treaty without the Irish. I honestly have no idea of how this could work. I know this appears to be in contravention of European law. But then again, European law may not be quite as predictable as you may think. It is not enforced by pundits, but by an often unpredictable court. My hunch is that if the 26 member states really wanted to do this, they would find a legal way.
What does all this say. It basically means that we have a bunch of Eurocrats in France and Germany who will never take "no" as an answer,. To them no is just something to be worked around. They maintain this is the will of the people, but only one country has so far had the right to vote on the Lisbon Treaty and they have said NO.

Other countries are also possibly either going to say no or are having trouble ratifying the Treaty.

Meanwhile in the deep, dark bunker that is Gordon Brown's abode thoughts of how to extract himself from this mess will be ongoing. Does he hope the Irish have done him a favour and made the Lisbon treaty disappear or will it wake up the call for us not to ratify the Treaty without a referendum, you remember the one Gordon promised us.

H/T to Seant on Political Betting

Europe’s hardball plan B for the Lisbon treaty

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