Saturday, June 21, 2008

Gordon Brown's Gap year

A biting commentary on Gordon Browns "Gap Year" from Vicki Woods in the Telegraph. You get the feeling that all the articles on Gordon's first year will be like this. Here are a few of the paragraphs

First on the Photocall for his first day.

We'd all been so fluffed up by the Labour machine on fast spin-cycle ("Not flash. Just Gordon") that we could look with geniality on the fact that he clearly didn't know what to do with his hands, or his wife, or even his new gnashers.
Next on the tragedy that is Gordon
Some people think Brown's story is a tragedy. I don't. Jonathan Freedland, a Guardian commentator, wrote on Wednesday that Brown has "the jealousy of Othello, the ambition of Macbeth and the indecision of Hamlet". The lunacy of Lear, more like.
And then on an earlier speech
Brown once said: "The equality we support is not equality for equality's sake as if we want to level people down, but equality for liberty's sake, because we wish to level people up."
He has certainly leveled detention up to 42 days.
And finally on Liberty and Freedom as done by Brown we have
Between him and Blair, this cradle of liberty has been trashed utterly: free speech trammelled, internment without charge made law, habeas corpus on life support, the privacy of the private citizen open (via databases) to the curiosity of 800-odd agents of the state. It is a tragedy.
Doesn't make good reading if you are thinking about what this man is going to do our country between now and the next election.

To think I sang when Tony Blair left No 10 - Telegraph

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