Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Are we past being Sick of Gordon

Simon Carr writing in the Independent has a theory that we are now past being sick of Gordon. As he says

Even the arrival and endorsement of George Bush, the multilateral cretin, failed to produce expected levels of revulsive indignation. Have the reserves been depleted? Have we passed peak bile? Do we need a strategy for sustainable disgust? Renewable nausea? Have we squandered our resources? Has he exhausted us?
Perhaps we are and the point is there are two ways we can handle this:
  1. The bend over here it comes again approach (Bohica)
  2. The David Davis approach where you take "positive" action against this corrupt and failing government.
As Mr Carr says
... but Gordon won't say anything like that in public. He hates clarity and transparency. He's relying on his famous stamina to exhaust us all. It's yet to be seen which way an exhausted electorate will vote. We can only guess.
I know which camp I am in, which one are you going to join?

The Sketch: How Gordon makes George sound like a star - Simon Carr, Commentators - The Independent

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