Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Burnham at the stake

I see that Labour have their attack bitches out to try and smear David Davis inthe form of Andy Burnham the Culture Minister. In a long rambling piece to the Progress Magazine, of which "organisation" he is the vice-chair he has this to say:

But in the culture secretary's book, there seems to be only one thing worse than Davis' ‘posturing' and ‘flouncing' and that's those who have fallen for it: ‘To people who get seduced by Tory talk of how liberal they are, I find something very curious in the man who was, and still is I believe, an exponent of capital punishment having late-night, hand-wringing, heart-melting phone alls with Shami Chakrabarti.'
Whch prompted Mr Davis to accuse Labour of indulging in
personal smears and lies - Labour has lost the argument over the erosion of British freedoms. While Gordon Brown cowers in Downing Street, his henchmen are out and about to attack me personally rather than engage in rational debate.
This sort of implication that David Davis has had an inappropriate relationship with the director of Liberty is just shocking. For a Culture/Media/Sport Minister it is appalling.

UPDATE: Article in the Daily Mail on this as well which says that Shami Chakrabarti is distraught about this.

Burnham at the Stake.

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