Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Pensioner denies smoke ban breach

Apparently this is the first court case where a person has appeared in court charged with smoking in a prohibited place. Such an irony for a man with the name of Wraith to be done for smoking.

I'm frankly amazed by that, though from what I have seen the law does seem to be being obeyed wherever I have been.

When the law came in nearly a year ago now, I would have said that it would have been a regular occurrence.

Mind you from the story it appears that the guy may have been a little under the weather.

The final irony of appearing in court on National No-Smoking day is just exquisite!

Now to persuade my wife to kick the habit, or maybe I can just get the Kids to do it for me.

BBC NEWS Scotland North East/N Isles Pensioner denies smoke ban breach