Sunday, March 11, 2007


I've been waiting for my favourite policeman, well he is my big bro, to blog on this before I said anything as I'm in no place to say what is good policing and what is a drunken slapper trying to kick, gouge, hit, scratch, maim and otherwise injure a policeman.

One really good point he raises is about the aspect of racism being brought in, As he says

What most will agree with though is the utterly despicable way in which Race has become an issue in this matter. It has been said before that many of the so-called ad-hoc anti-racist forums/spokespersons are actually, on many an occasion, creating a more divided not diverse society. This time, I believe 'they' have shot themselves in the foot.

As one commentator on another blog put it.

The arrest of a drunken and violent female is always a bit of a mare for a male officer. It never looks pretty and whilst you are dealing with her you are worrying not just about your safety, but also what spurious allegation the drunken thing is going to make.
Add to that the fact that current UDTs (Unarmed Defence Tactic) dont look too pretty either. Knee strikes, baton strikes and distraction blows look very aggressive to the untrained observer.
The officer was doing what his force trained him to do, the outcry is over how ugly it looks. It would appear at the moment his force are standing up for him, even a statement from his chief.
This is all a media circus, some yorkie wannabee Al Sharpton is trying to build a reputation out of it. He is a silly man who makes silly comments and should be ignored. He does however mention a few of the magic words the press love to hear.
Storm in a teacup, good luck to the PC involved, ignore it all and enjoy the 8-4 for a while.
Alternatively wait until one of the redtops does a few background checks on her, exposes her as a cross between Jade Goody and Punchy McPunchy and you can sell them your tale of suffering for a few grand.
As sergeant Stan Jablonski used to say
Let's do it to them before they do it to us.

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