Saturday, March 17, 2007

Six Billion Pound Man

Many years ago before the Olympics were awarded to London, Mr Brown wanted nothing to do with them. Now he seems to see them as his Millenium Dome, and we know how that turned out.

Two articles in the first Post are quite interesting on the subject.

The first shows how Gordon has turned from a critic of the games to now supporting the games to the tune of 6 Billion pounds that he has magiced up from You and I, because make no bones about it , that is where the money will be coming from.

The second shows the deep incompetency of Tessa Jowell who even a few weeks ago was denying the 9 billion forecast.

I love the idea of the Olympics coming to Britain as I think they can be good for us in many ways, but the unfortunate problem is that we have an incompetent government interfering and meddling in their usual way. Now the Olympic's are more a roundabout way of regenerating some of the more needy (Labour Supporting?) parts of London without proper consultation or planning.

I predict the final bill will be way above the projected 9 billion and we will all be paying for these Games for some time.

The First Post : Gordon Brown's Olympics embarrassment

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