Thursday, February 15, 2007

Cool Britannia - RIP

Cool Britannia has finally rolled over and died- RIP. Now if only Mr Blair and his tired and knackered NuLabour party would just do the same.

I see Mr Gallagher from the Beatles tribute band Oasis has launched a scathing attack on Mr Blair. He said

people had thought Mr Blair "was going to be John F Kennedy", but he was now "saddled" with the Iraq war.
He went on to say
"When the Labour Party got in it was all about children and education and yet 10 years down the line there's people saying that kids are better off in Poland... I don't really think there's anything left to vote for. That's why people don't vote... why people would rather vote for celebrity talent shows than would vote for politics."
On the Tories and David Cameron he had the following to say
To say no comment is typical of him and his party copping out. They wait to see what Tony Blair says...and then they move in behind and switch it and change a little bit. It's like a song writer who's eternally ripping off someone else's song and just changing the odd line a little."
Which is a bit rich since most of his songs seem to be a ripoff of the Beatles.

It's interesting to note that By 1998 the Economist was commenting that "many people are already sick of the phrase," and by 2000 - after the fall of Britpop - it was being used mainly in a mocking or ironic way. Much the same then with Mr Blair and his party.

BBC NEWS | Politics | Oasis's Noel attacks Blair record

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