Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Chancellor's World Cup fever fails to grip the Scots

I see turncoat Brown is again trying to ingratiate himself with our southern neighbours by supporting the English FA's possible bid for the 2018 World Cup. The man is a complete charlatan.

Stewart Maxwell MSP, the Scottish National Party's culture spokesman, said:

"Good luck to England, but I suspect that Gordon Brown's support for the bid is more about politics than sport, and his desire to ingratiate himself with the English electorate in his desperation to get into No 10."

Opinions in England were apparently all for going for the bid whilst most in Scotland appeared not to care. However the following is typical of this mealy-mouthed creature as the Chancellor appears intent on demonstrating how much he identifies with English voters.

"I have been around the world, I have been in Asia, America and Europe, and I think there is great support for England having it 50 years after we won the World Cup in 1966," Mr Brown said yesterday.
I assume Mr Brown has now become English. Good luck to them.

P.S. Note to the F.A. watch out for the VAT.

P.P.S. By the way Scotland are of course the real World champions as evidenced here. And will of course be the current holders of the Cup on the 24th March of this year when they beat Georgia almost 40 years to the day since they last held the Cup after beating the English at Wembley.

Chancellor's World Cup fever fails to grip the Scots