Friday, November 28, 2008

Tony Benn says we are a "Police State"

Who would have thought Tony Benn would have this to say when a Labour Government was in Power

"It is a total breach of what accords the privileges of parliament and therefore, the electors. His computers have been searched, his e-mail has been frozen."

He said that it was tantamount to a Contempt of Parliament. "Once police can interfere in parliament, then we're into a police state."
Could I have said it better.

Well perhaps then David Davis can. he said
"For five years I have avoided using the phrase 'police state'. But the sort of things going on here is what you expect in a police state, a banana state. This is the most extraordinary event of my parliamentary career."
Nick Clegg gets in on the act as well.
Mr. Clegg called the arrest of Damian Green "a mayday warning for British democracy."

"We have one of the most unaccountable, secretive forms of government anywhere in the modern world.

"Now we have an opposition frontbench spokesman raided by anti-terror police. It's the kind of thing you'd expect in a tinpot dictatorship."

He said that he had consulted with Lord Carlisle who told him that he had "no idea why anti-terror powers could have been used in the first place."

"We need a parliament that can hold the government into account. Our parliament is neutered."
So that's just about all the main parties covered.

Now we await the "Spliffer" or Snot Gobbleer to tell us why this all in the greater good. Oh they have here is the story according to the Daily Mash.
THE Prime Minister last night began the elimination of his enemies as he pledged to cleanse Britain of the virus of dissent.

Crowds cheered and threw rotten fruit at Conservative MP Damian Green as he was dragged from his bed in the early hours by the Prime Minister's anti-treason officers.

The traitor Green was questioned for nine hours before confessing. His whereabouts are now unknown though Downing Street said he was in a place where he could do no more harm.

More arrests are expected today as Mr Brown makes an example of all those who would seek to destroy our faith in his wisdom and kindness.

According to Downing Street the Prime Minister questioned Green personally and was able to secure the names of more than 20 co-conspirators after the application of electrodes and a small wet sponge.

A spokesman said: "Listen well, treacherous scum. We know where you live. Do not try to hide from us. You will simply prolong your inevitable journey into the realms of pain."

He added: "All of those who have at any time questioned the Prime Minister's actions and judgement must surrender immediately.

"We can then begin the joyful process of re-ordering your thoughts and returning you to full productivity."

The people have welcomed the purge with many leaving bouquets and gifts outside Downing Street. Meanwhile primary school children in Reading have made a collage depicting the Prime Minister cuddling a baby horse

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