Thursday, November 27, 2008

MP Arrested for doing his Job Shock

Apparently the Tory MP Damian Green has been arrested for doing his job by revealing details that might be embarrassing to the current Zanu-Labour government.

Our Glorious Leader apparently knows nothing about it and his hench-woman "Spliffer" Smith also denied any prior knowledge. However Boris Johnson has admitted knowledge of the event and had apparently advised police against this action.

According to the Daily Mail

Shadow immigration minister Damian Green was accused of an obscure offence of conspiring with 'misconduct in public office' after a Whitehall official was also held.

Counter-terrorism police are understood to have descended on his home in Kent without warning and arrested him over claims that he leaked confidential Government documents.

Many questions remain over this and it will be interesting to see how it plays in the media over the next couple of days.

Interesting to note that senior Conservatives (code for DC) described the move as "Stalinesque" an oblique reference surely to the fact that this has all the signs of the snot-gobbler at work. Surely not he is too busy working out how to cover-up his screwing up of the PBR on Monday.

Apparently the details revealed were as follows:

The information Mr Green is accused of leaking includes a Home Office memo revealing that an illegal immigrant had been working in the House of Commons as a cleaner.

Another leaked document suggested a cover-up by Home Secretary Jacqui Smith of a massive Government blunder.

It suggested the Home Secretary was warned that thousands of illegal immigrants had been cleared to work in sensitive Whitehall security jobs but accepted advice from her officials for a news blackout on the affair.

Another story showed Labour whips had drawn up a secret list of MPs likely to oppose plans to introduce 42-day detention without charge, and a leaked letter from Miss Smith to the Prime Minister revealed she had warned the recession would lead to a surge in crime.

All of these appear to be more than in the Public Interest.

Terror police seize Tory MP Damian Green over 'immigration leaks to the media' | Mail Online

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chris close said...

Silencing opposition - the "politics" or fascism of New Labour?

Updated my blog.

This is obviously the Policing we can now expect - the sort that does what the Government tells it.

So expect that knock on your door if you dare oppose these pseudo nazis backed up by their own Stasi.
Chris Close