Thursday, November 27, 2008

Revolting Lib Dems in Aberdeeenshire?

According to the Press and Journal the Lib Dems are Revolting in Aberdeenshire

AN OUTSPOKEN councillor who resigned from Aberdeenshire’s Liberal Democrat group claims others may soon follow her lead.

Debra Storr said as many as six could quit the council’s ruling group.

If that were to happen the party would lose its majority of three, with the SNP becoming the largest party.

This is all resulting from the fallout from the Donald Trump affair and the associated votes.

The SNP had this to say
The council’s SNP group leader, Joanna Strathdee, said she was worried the Lib Dem group might lose its focus.

She said: “I hope that the leadership do not get too preoccupied with their own internal Liberal politics and continue to focus on delivering quality services to the council taxpayers of Aberdeenshire.”

Whilst Independent councillor John Cox said

it was disappointing to see the Lib Dems in apparent disarray, but he was in no doubt where the fault lay.

He said: “We have two or three councillors who have shown no respect for their colleagues, who have shown no respect for the north-east community, and seem to be throwing the toys out the pram at the moment.”

Rebellion ‘stirring’ in Liberal Democrats - Press & Journal

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