Thursday, March 23, 2006

NHS Blog Doctor: I'm all right, Jack

The attached article about Mr Bliar strikes a chord with me as one of my work mates is currently in this position. He has just had another appointment delayed for 2 weeks.

He has now been waiting over a year for some sort of succesful treatment. The worst thing about this, is that, up until about a year ago he had the symptoms but was blissfully unaware of what was wrong.

It was only at a simple interview for participation in a Company Health Programme that concerns were raised. To cut a long story short over the past year he has had a variety of treatments / problems / appointments none of which have so far sorted out the problem for any length of time and in somes cases the side-effects seem to be worse that the condition.

Whilst we tend to joke about him nipping in for a quick electrocution and offering him some quick DIY surgery with a balloon and a penknife, he has had a year of worry.

I obviously don't know the full facts about his case, but the treatment of Mr Bliar does make you think.

Also can I just recommend NHS Blog Doctor as being a good read and exposure of the NHS as it is today. This is from a GP with a wealth of experience who voted New Labour 10 years ago, in the now mistaken belief it would renew the NHS.

NHS Blog Doctor: I'm all right, Jack

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