Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Clearing the Air Scotland

A reminder to all you smokers out there in Scotland that you become official Lepers in 5 days time.

Even living in West-Aberdeenshire, which has one of the best smoking records in Scotland, more than 100 people die every year of directly attributable smoking related diseases. This is more than 2% of all deaths.

In the worst region (Glasgow Shettleston) nearly 10% of deaths are caused by smoking. The life expectancy of all males in Shettleston is 63.9 years versus 76.7 in West Aberdeenshire, the difference is not all due to smoking, but much of it is (Chibbing, murder and drug and lard overdoses are more common in Shettleston).

So before you light up again, think and stub it out. You know it makes sense!

Smoking Ban Scotland, Scottish Executive Smoke Free Laws - Clearing the Air Scotland

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Boorach said...

The point of this ridiculous ban was not to save we smokers from ourselves but to eliminate the "dangers" of passive smoking.

I choose to smoke and I don't need a Nanny State telling me otherwise. And as for passive smoking? Point me to ANY substantive proof that such a thing exists, nobody has managed yet!