Friday, May 12, 2006

How Scottish Are You?

Just a quick game for you to play and a little tune. How Scottish Are You?


Noddy said...
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Noddy said...

Scotland didn't make the World Finals, thereby saving themselves the ignominy of going out in the first round again. However, those who think that the Scots will be turning their TV's off for the duration of the summer are mistaken; for the Scots have discovered a second team in the shape of Trinidad and Tobago. Not only do five of the provisional squad for the finals play their football in Scotland, Trinidad and Tobago also face the Auld Enemy, England, in their second group match on the 15th June. In fact, Scotland fans can convince themselves that they are going to the finals, with the inclusion of Jason Scotland in the T&T squad. The striker will ensure that it will be Scotland v England at this summer's World Cup.

As to the replica shirts....

John Kaylor, chairman of the Perthshire branch of the Tartan Army, praised the sale of the shirts.

He said: "I am a St Johnstone supporter and I shall be singing, 'I'd walk a thousand miles' if (Jason) Scotland scores a goal in the World Cup. There is no doubt that is who everyone in the Tartan Army will be supporting. A lot of people have got the older shirts with 'Scotland' written on the back, and there are already loads of bidders on eBay. They will all be Scotland supporters buying them, there is nothing surer.

"These football shirts will be very common this summer. Jason Scotland will be proud, no doubt."

Tahlia Hughes, the manager of Sport World in the St James Centre, Edinburgh, said: "I have already had 50 inquiries from people about the Trinidad and Tobago shirt. It's mainly because they are playing England and the shirt is nicer than the other ones in the group. I think it will be our top seller this season."

A manager at Sports World in Dundee said: "We are definitely expecting the Trinidad and Tobago Scotland shirt to be our most popular one of the season."

At Footlocker in Argyle Street, Glasgow, the manageress said: "I have had about 20 to 30 people asking for these particular shirts."

A spokesman for Adidas said he was aware of Trinidad and Tobago's expected cult status with the Tartan Army. He said: "We do expect a high level of interest in Trinidad and Tobago merchandise in Scotland-as we do from any team that's playing England, really. "

Owen Coyle, the St Johnstone manager, said: "It would be nice if Scotland was actually playing in the World Cup, but I suppose in a way this is one means of saying Scotland is in the World Cup."

As for Jason Scotland himself, he said: "It's great just to be in the team, but to have Scotland's support as well makes it special. It would be extra special if we beat England-I think the fans at my club would be pleased."