Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Smoking Ban Scotland - Clearing the Air Scotland

Now here is one bit of law I do agree with. So you smokers out there remember you only have 31 days left to kipper us.

Just look what it is doing to your lungs.

Don't worry I am not aiming this at anyone in particular (Take note Christina, Neil and Elaine) honestly!

Smoking Ban Scotland, Scottish Executive Smoke Free Laws - Clearing the Air Scotland


Noddy said...

Hells Bells min.....

When I was a loon you could puff on the top deck of a bus, then it wasnae ok on ony pairt o' a bus. We just put up wi' the ban just as you clean air feaks had put up with us perfuming the air for so long. We smokers have been obliging you nannies for too long. Pubs/Clubs etc will die a financial death, but I suppose the Govt thinks this will save us all from untimely deaths. Well wait to Mr Taxman loses all his revenue from fag smoking booze swallowers and we all live to 90.... we'll all have to work till we're 75 or something to allow for pensions. The NHS will get no funding.....

Am I not part of the public? Next it will be booze and probably chocolate after that and anything else potentially hazardous to health.

I have a life(one)and I respect others who don't want to inhale secondary smoke, but respect our rights to enjoy a simple little fag.

There are millions dying in Africa each year. Let's worry about real problems this world has.

Who is going to Police this new law?

I predict a riot!

Noddy said...


Alastair said...

Ah, but you see now I have the choice to live until I am 95 without you lot killing me. I've been through the process of stopping and can tell you it's well worth it. I can now afford another holiday a year (for 5!) and can taste things and breath so much better. And I don't smell like a kipper!
In this country more people are killed by Cigarettes than AIDS by a massive margin so before we sort out other countries lets try and sort out our own one.
Want to be scared then try the following in Google, search for cancer and smoking and choose images. Then discuss it with your kids and grandkids as you lie in your hospital bed using up our NHS budget. And finally...

You've got a lot of balls to smoke that thing in here.
Is it arrogance or stupidity?
Are you as dumb as it appears?
You've got a lot of balls to smoke that thing at all.
With all the evidence out there in your face,
the writing's on the wall.

1: Your uncle died of lung cancer.
Emphysema got your dad.
Your grandma's jaw had to be removed
from all the cigarettes she'd had.
Your brother's house burned down to the ground
when he dozed off late one night.
And still you've got the chutzpah
to ask me for a light?

2: You spent a lot of money
just to purify your health.
The very day that the program's done,
you go and smoke it all to hell.
You say you can't do it cold turkey:
a slow gradient is the way.
The day you stop forever
may be your judgment day.

You know damn well that it's addicting,
but still insist you'll quit any time you want.
You know damn well that it's inflicting
damage to the lives of the ones you love.

3: You've seen the photos of black lungs
and you know the heart's impaired.
You know a friend had to lose his tongue
and still you're not the least bit scared.
"When your number's up, then your number's up",
makes you sound more like a drip,
especially with that white thing
that's dangling from your lip.

CODA: (spoken)
"Smokers' Rights" ?
You have the right to remain silent ...
for all eternity ...
in your coffin ...
Anything you say can and will be used against you ...
in a higher court ...

Copyright © 2000 MICK TERRY Silent Tree Music
All rights reserved.
(Reprinted here by permission of the author.)

This song is dedicated in loving memory
of one of Mick Terry's best friends, Jeff Sturman,
who died 11-9-02 with lung cancer, stroke & other ailments
from smoking cigarettes, an addiction he openly admitted.
The situations depicted in this song were real,
a composite made from other friends & family of Mick Terry,
most of whom are now dead.

smogman said...

What about the real victims of this smoking ban - the ashtrays!

Check out www.extinguished-2006.com. They're having an ashtray amnesty.

Noddy said...

Good health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die and Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in hospitals dying of nothing. I do like Smogman's link though!