Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Road to Nowhere (Aberdeens Western Peripheral Route)

Why these residents are getting their knickers in a twist I don't know. This road is unlikely ever to be built. As far as I know they have been talking about it since before I was born back when Aberdeen was a fishing village. The Labour/Lib Dem coalition that masquerades as an "Scottish Executive" just roll it out every so often to buy some votes and to pay each other back for favours done elsewhere in their heartlands. Who cares about those rich residents of Milltimber!

Mind you Mr Nicol Stephen does have a history in drawing road maps where he would like them, against the advice of those who know better.

Mind you it is also great fun calling your friends from the affected area "nimbys" and saying how much we require this new road!

Legal threat after M74 decision

Also have a look at

Aberdeen Greenbelt Alliance

Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire residents campaigning against the proposed route for the city's bypass have pledged to take their crusade to Europe. Around 800 people last night attended a packed public...

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