Sunday, February 19, 2006

Rural Shops and Post Offices

As a resident in rural Aberdeenshire (30 odd miles from Aberdeen) This article in the Scotsman picks up some worrying trends. We are lucky enough in our village to have a few shops including a Pharmicist, Newsagent,General Shop, Hardware shop, Hairdresser and a Post Office. This is pretty good for a village of just over 500 people. But, we must remember that only a few years ago there were 3 or 4 more shops in business that have now closed. The butcher closed as he could make more money working in Aberdeen for a Superstore!
So what can be done. Well the most important is to support your local business. Use it or lose it! It may be a few pence more but the time saved and petrol costs mean it will probably be cheaper for the small shopping or the emergency items.
Don't forget it will also probably be more informative and fun shopping locally as you will certainly hear something of what is going on in the Village and around the area.

Also highly worrying is the demise of local Post Office's, these are a lifeline to many in the community who cannot travel far. Our local Post Office is a hubbub of activity on most days but its days look numbered.

Have a look at this recent debate in Parliament.

Post Office Card Account

See the following from the Citizens advice bureau on rural Post Offices.

The future of the rural post office network

This is the article in the Scotsman. Leisure & Lifestyle - Living - Latest Update: "High street shuts up shop as 1,600 stores forced out"

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