Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Shurely some Mistake

Surely the mixture of Smeargate and Alcoholics on the bru is a mistake!

Mr Purnell defended Gordon Brown’s response to the smears against Conservatives planned by Damian McBride.

“Gordon Brown acted swiftly and fully as soon as he found about this. He accepted the resignation of Damian McBride he then wrote to every involved expressing his regret and has asked for the system to be strengthened,” he said.

"This was shocking and totally unacceptable way to behave and the Prime Minister has dealt with that".

Mr Purnell also said that the government was taking action to identify alcoholics who were claiming benefits, by sharing data between agencies and offering help to those people,

"It's not of any help to an individual or a families if we just allow them to remain an alcoholic and have their lives blighted by it," he said.

"If we can help people to get sober that can help make a massive difference to their lives”.


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