Sunday, April 12, 2009

Guido Fawkes lights a bonfire under the Telegraph

The following was written by Guido on the My blogs part of the Telegraph. Makes interesting reading on their part in this whole shabby affair.

I quote

There are a lot of bitter, jealous journalists at the Telegraph and you have behaved shamefully over the McBride story. You even tipped off Downing Street in advance as to exactly what I was up to. It reflects on you a lot more than it does on me.

You revealed sources, broke a confidence, breached a signed non-disclosure agreement and behaved like patsy's for McBride.

You still failed to spoil the story. Your political team is about as weak as it gets, that is why you sucked up to Downing Street.

The Telegraph was once run by gentlemen for gentlemen. This would never have happened under Deedes or Charles Moore.

Do Your Worst

Guido Fawkes : My Telegraph

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