Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The spinning web that is Mandelson

Sir Walter Scott wrote

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive”
We must congratulate Lord Mandy on his weaving skills. As the Telegraph "reports"

George Osborne, the shadow chancellor, met Oleg Deripaska on his yacht this summer. It was alleged there was discussion of a possible £50,000 donation to the Tory party.

It comes after questions were raised in Parliament over Lord Mandelson's relationship with the oligarch, whose hospitality the Business Secretary is said to have enjoyed on several occasions.

The hand of Mandy is firmly on this story. As Guido reports
Mandelson's ability to get Nathan Rothschild, a Tory donor, to counter-attack Osborne over the "pouring poison" line is widely seen as a tribute to his powers of persuasion.

In reality Rothschild, who has long been enamoured with and in thrall to Tony Blair, acted after Mandelson got Blair to call Rothschild to encourage him to embarrass Osborne. M'learned friends are now being consulted as claim and counter-claim are spun. Isn't it great to have all the fun of the circus with Mandelson back...
As Our Gordon said. No more spin.....

The spinning web that is Mandelson

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