Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mandy and his Friends

According to the Times

Lord Mandelson has frequently accepted hospitality from Nathaniel Rothschild, including a stay at his chalet in the Alps.

The depth of the friendship between the former European Trade Commissioner and the international financier has emerged as the extent of business links between Mr Rothschild and Oleg Deripaska, the Russian oligarch, has become clear.

Lord Mandelson stayed at Mr Rothschild’s home in Klosters, Switzerland, earlier this year. In August he was a guest of Mr Rothschild in Corfu, during which he was “billeted” on Mr Deripaska’s yacht because there were so many guests staying at the family villa.

The Times then goes onto explain a little of the web that links Mandy to this little partnership and explain how throughout this the sainted Mandelson has not been affected in performing his roles at the EU and now in the British Parliament.

Whilst the Times may believe that, and from my reading, they are more than a little reluctant to do so, I am more than a little worried that someone who has already had to resign twice because of some "difficulties" might again got himself into a pickle.

If Osborne is supposed to have show a degree of lack of judgment, then Mandelson has a complete lack of judgment, that has already impacted his chosen career.

It's time that this servant of us, the public, came clean and told the full story of the relationship he has with Mr Rothschild's, Deripaska and the others in his little web.

Perhaps the Prime Minister might want to get someone to answer these allegations.

Lord Mandelson’s friendships ‘did not affect his EU role’ - Times Online

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