Thursday, October 16, 2008

La La Land - Wednesday - Boom and Bust Day

The news in Gordon's La La Land has moved on now that the Banking Crisis has been solved by our own Superman. Unfortunately it's now dominated by Boom and Bust, in particular Bust which appears to be the way we are heading in the UK. Of course Bust no longer exists in Gordon's La La Land so it has been renamed as Tory Bust and of course will never happen as Gordon now has the figures to prove this, or he will have shortly once he's brownied them.

Unfortunately the UK Jobless figures managed to defeat even Brown's dodgy mathematics. They show the highest rise in the total for 17 years and with over 2,000 a day becoming jobless the total in the UK will likely be more than 2m by Christmas and could reach as much as 3m by the time of the next election in 2010.

Never mind Super-Broon has a stunning idea for all these people, not only has he got work for them they will also save the world from Climate Change. Loft Lagging will be the new job for all the unemployed Bankers, their job will now, not be to spout out hot air, but to stop it from escaping from our cold and draughty houses. Unfortunately as usual Broon's statistics and maths are a little wayward. It appears that only 2-3 days worth of jobless people at the current rate could solve this problem in no time at all. Never mind but it did seem like Gordon had had his Norman Tebbit moment. Just a shame he doesn't get on his bike and find a new job.

With the Banking crisis sorted and Gordon telling all and sundry how he alone had solved it, across in Europe it looks like some of his minions in Europe don't quite believe his story. In fact Newsnight had an interesting interview with Badger's French equivalent Christine Lagarde who, having donated her hairstyle to Badger, wasn't quite on story for the BBC's EmilyMaitlis who was desperately trying to get her to acknowledge the beatification of the hero Gordon. As "Sally C" on Political Betting put it

1.You have all implemented the Brown plan.

No, the plans are not all Brown plans, they are all different. There is a mix of ideas from the British plan but also ideas from others.

2. But Gordon was the fast off the mark; you needed a kick up the bum.
No. We all acted at different paces because some were in more trouble than others and had to act more urgently [ie us!].

3. But Gordon was the driving force.
No. It was the G4 who ALL put ideas on the table at that meeting and decided to move forward with other nations, each nation doing its part.
The President of the EU was directing operations.

All the time she spoke she had a half smile on her face.

They think Gordon is a spinning prat - not a superhero. He has done his bit [no doubt] but he’s overegged it and they have seen through him.

I am begining to like the EU. More than Brown anyway.

I would add that Madame Lagrande did give Badger some praise!

On the home scene we missed Gordon at Prime Minister's Questions when Harriet Harman wasn't quite on form especially when sitting in Superman's seat. She obviously hasn't quite had the proper superhero training yet. Hague was stately and his final question was rather good when he said Brown's claim to have abolished boom and bust was the
"most foolish, most hubristic, most irresponsible ever made". As the economy goes into recession, people are not going to forget who led us to this point.
Uncle Vince also had two good questions which Harriet appeared to fail to understand, her grasp on the current crisis and the economy appeared rather poor and she required to consult her prepared notes for some appropriate or in most cases inappropriate answers.

Mandelson was also still having a bit of a tough time seemingly not trusted with the role of anti-corruption Champion. What can he have done not to be trusted with this role?

Elsewhere Labour's new Schools Minister Sarah McCarthy-Fry admitted to Michael Gove in a Parliamentary Question that just 4 of the 113 letters about the government's new diplomas have been supportive, unfortunately she couldn't then do some simple calculator work on these figures or get her English correct. Obviously she is high on the list to become Chancellor in the near future.

Oh and by the way the Stock Markets have been tanking today, and are continuing to crash in Asia so it looks like fears of the Banking Crisis being over are slightly premature or then again it could be the coming recession.

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