Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Giant Database Plan

Not content to spray just our personnel data about the place, Labour now have a plan to spray all our communications data about the place. Apparently they will keep this in a giant Database.

Judging by their previous attempts this will be a very large Microsoft Access database kept on someone's USB pen drive though in a huge advance they may remember to password protect it with a default password so at least one person won't be able to access it.

Apparently even Governments own reviewer of anti-terror laws, Lord Carlile, is not greatly in favour, he said:

"The raw idea of simply handing over all this information to any government, however benign, and sticking it in an electronic warehouse is an awful idea if there are not very strict controls about it."
He's not joking. Currently data is leaking from this government like a bottomless bucket. They have no idea how to store and access data securely.

This is just another example of Big Brother Labour at work.

BBC NEWS | Politics | Police may get more data powers

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