Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Virus, Government and Microsoft

The words Virus, Microsoft and Government Websites in one article should make us all a bit wary.

Despite the appalling spelling, the article is as follows.

Key Government websites have been infected by a virus that allows cyber-criminals to steal browsers' personal details, it was reported today. More than a thousand Government and consumer sites are said to have been hit, including some run by the NHS and a local council.
The Times Online says the hackers are Eastern European and that security experts estimate at least two million coputers worldwide have been affected.
It reports that the Asprox virus is unlink other viruses; it sits undetected on mainstream sites and automatically installs itself on a user's computer potentially allowing the hackers to have access to financial information. Joe Stewart, director of malware research at SecureWorks, said Asprox "appears to be trying to build up the size of the botnet, infecting people through web pages by adding an IFRAME.” According to, the attacks occur on websites that are running Microsoft SQL-SVR (Server) that already have some sort of vulnerability.
The Times article is here.

Virus 'has infected major Government websites' - Home News, UK - The Independent


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