Friday, July 25, 2008

SNP win Glasgow East - Tories third - Brown out?

SNP 11277 43.1%
Lab 10912 41.7%
Tory 1639
Lib Dems 915

Swing to SNP about 26%.
Majority 365.

Brown is surely deeply in trouble now. This was Labour's 25th safest seat. Many Labour MP's in marginal seats will be really begin to worry now.

Congratulations to the SNP.


Noddy said...


Noddy said...

If that was a Grand Prix, the Tories would have spun out on the first lap following a collision with the wiberals........THIRD!!! LOL.

Noddy said...

Are you suggesting the guid folk o' Scotland are telling Broon to take a hike just like someone else has been forced to?

Fitaloon said...

My congratulations are based upon the fact this is yet another nail in Brown's political coffin, that and I made a few quid on the result as well!
This still bodes well for the Tories in seats where they are up against Lib Dums and Labour.

Noddy said...

So that would be England and Wales then? LOL.