Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Honours for 42 day votes?

The Telegraph thinks Keith Vaz was offered honours for his vote in the 42 days detention debacle. This was brought up at PMQ's by David Cameron and Gordon Brown has denied any "bribes" to anyone, including the DUP.

The Telegraph says

Mr Vaz is the Labour chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee. He was previously opposed to the plans but later offered his full backing. He made a major speech during the debate on the proposals which is thought to have won over some backbench MPs. Securing his backing was seen as crucial by the
Amid rumours of a peerage or knighthood, Mr Vaz was asked in Parliament during the debate the day before the vote whether he had been offered an honour for his support. He said: “No, it was certainly not offered—but I do not know; there is still time.”
In the handwritten letter sent on 12th June 2008 – the day after the key vote - Mr Hoon writes: “Dear Keith…Just a quick note to thank you for all your help during the period leading up to last Wednesday’s vote. I wanted you to know how much I appreciated all your help.”
“I trust that it will be appropriately rewarded!...With thanks and best wishes, Geoff.”

Gosh wouldn't this be a surprise.

Gordon Brown under pressure over 'reward' for Keith Vaz over terror bill - Telegraph

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