Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Come on England - Scotland 2 England 0

The score is now 2 leaders to nil in terms of Party Leaders between Scotland and England, with the departure of Nicol Stephen, the Liberal Democrat leader in Scotland to "spend more time with his family". Surely England can do better than this and at least get rid of one and make a real game of it. On Saturday we had the departure of the late and unlamented Wendy Alexander.

I'm sure the loss of Nicol will be tremendous blow to the Lib Dems in Scotland. His Leadership and sure footed policies in getting the Lib Dems to their lowly position in Scottish Politics will be sorely missed, well at least by the Tories and SNP.

After today's Brownies at PMQ's how much longer will we need to wait until Gordon does the honourable thing and resigns.


Richard Havers said...

The whole Holyrood thing is becoming an embarrassment!

Anonymous said...

Consider this question.

Why would someone resign at 9.15 on a Wednesday evening, completely out of the blue, if it was simply to spend more time with their family? Surely they would advise their close associates and constituency party of their decision and arrange a press call for the following day?

The Libs had no idea Nicol was even contemplating standing down, and they have been thrown into complete disarray.

Factor in that they are now about to select their third different candidate for the Aberdeen South Westminster seat, maybe there's something rotten afoot in the locale?

There's more to this one than meets the eye.