Thursday, September 27, 2007

Austin Mitchell's WeBLOG :: Conference: Beta-Gamma

Austin Mitchell's WeBLOG, as he calls it, is normally good fun and tends to poke New Labour in the eye, this morning's entry is especially fun as it pokes fun at the Conference. Despite this Austin thinks the speech by Gordon was very good. A quick extract from today give a flavour of what you can expect.

The unions supinely gave up their power. They didn’t trouble the leader with votes. Conference was castrated. No bookshop. No ideas. Everything passed to the Policy Forum. Which is useless. Ruthless management of the old Stalinist style without the Blair charm.
Irrelevant The election was an elephant in the room. No minister talked about it. Everyone wanted it. Whatever Gordon decrees they’ll agree with . He’s deeply cautious. But with a strong streak of political cunning. So the song should be “Things can only get worse”. “I let my golden chances pass me by” will be the grumbling refrain if he fluffs this.
Another extract for your amusement.
When is a Constitution not a constitution? When it`s a European Constitution. Then it`s Speak no Constitution. See no Constitution. Hear no Constitution. Even though it`s more like a Constitution than, say, elephant droppings.

David Millipede says it`s elephant droppings. No need to vote on them. Just sniff.

Balls. Elephant Balls. Other governments are saying this is the essence of the Giscard Constitution. The Commission has got all it wanted. Read the proposals and see that the “Reform Treaty” is 90% of the Monster Treaty. They`re trying to fool us. Again. We promised a referendum. Let`s have it. Otherwise we`re locked in the Euro-Jail.
Of course I should like him as he represents Great Grimsby where I was born many years ago, fortunately I escaped very shortly afterwards to a better and greater place.

Austin Mitchell's WeBLOG :: Conference: Beta-Gamma

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