Friday, April 20, 2007

Whats killing 15-19 year olds around the world

What's the biggest killer of 15-19 year olds around the world?

Not AIDS, cancer or any other disease, its something much more simple.

According to The Lancet its Road Traffic Accidents.

Shocked me, I know that it's always hitting the headlines round this area but this is worldwide.

How much do we spend educating kids about this? I'll bet its a fraction of what we spend of Drugs and Sex education.

I drive about 25,000 miles a year and see the results of crashes too often and it's mainly youngsters in modified cars.

Education of the dangers of driving and in particular speed and drinking must be hard hitting to be effective, there is no point just saying don't do it, it must be graphic and preferably personal to a particular area/school.

Most schools round here have had a teenager die in a road accident in the past few years, pictures and stories about these accidents should be used to try and make kids understand what is going on. Show them the results and make them think.

Remember the car in the wrong hands is a lethal weapon, not just to yourself but especially to others.

Road safety here and here.

The Scotsman - ? is world's biggest killer of teenagers


Noddy said...

We Polis types prefer to call them Road Traffic COLLISIONS. Few can be truly called accidents. Whilst drink (and drugs) driving remains an issue, SPEED i.e. too much of it for the road conditions/skill of driver is usually the killer.

Anonymous said...

Ever since teenagers were invented, their biggest cause of death has been accidents. I learnt this at Medical School 22 years ago and it still hold true today. Maybe it's nature's way of reducing the number of adults?!?

Only the actual mode of death changes, from motorbike, to cars...

Immature people will always be unable to control their urges.. only the lucky will survive.