Saturday, April 28, 2007

Labour getting riled in Hamilton

According to the BBC,

In Hamilton, Labour candidate Tom McCabe was involved in a confrontation with an SNP activist as his leader Jack McConnell appealed to undecided voters.
One possible reason for this is the number of knockbacks he is getting in Hamilton from his constituents. One of these was my wife's Aunt , who when asked by Mr McCabe if he could count on her vote simply replied
"Indeed you cannot"
She has apparently, after years of voting solely for the Conservatives, decided to vote tactically for the SNP and Conservatives to help get rid of Labour. She is also on the trail of educating her fellow older voters on the way to vote as she feels the new voting system is going to cause confusion in these elections.

BBC NEWS | Scotland | Election scuffle as tempers fray

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Richard Havers said...

McCabe and Dr. Reid always make me think of twin sons by different mothers. McCabe in particular strikes me as being all that is nasty about Labour in Scotland.