Thursday, April 26, 2007

Cameron's Auntie

Nice to see Annabel getting some praise during this election.

She has been back to her best and is doing a good job, even if this is not showing up in the Scottish Polls. I expect the Tories to do much better than the current polls show, particularly at the council level, as Scotland is notoriously difficult to poll in. The only real and accurate poll will be the elections.

The main problem at the moment is the amount of voters who are supporting the SNP to ensure that Labour and the Lib Dems do not get back into power. Many people want change and are willing to back the SNP to achieve this. The problem, though, may come in 2-3 years when the SNP hold their referendum and it fails. The SNP will then be left to pick up the pieces and work out what their "raison d'etre" is and how they will go forward.

Looking at the other party leaders and how they are getting on, we see, that the Lib Dems Nicol Stephen has shown his true ability and is fading quickly. Jack McConnell is struggling to cope and has had to call in the B team from London to hinderhelp him. The only other major leader doing OK is Alex Salmond and he faces a bit of a battering today from all sides about the SNP's tax policy.

Oh, and just remember to vote to get rid of Labour and their pointless poodles the Lib Dems.

Cameron's 'Scottish auntie' steals the show


billythekid said...

The problem, though, may come in 2-3 years when the SNP hold their referendum and it fails.

...if it fails. As for their tax policy, well a blunder may have been made but I know I for one would happily pay more in tax for the reforms promised by the SNP. As would many more, remember the "would be able to have tax altering powers" surprise part of the referendum back in the day.

However the tories should realise by now that talking tax turns voters off. The only thing that might make me not vote SNP is that bloody annoying Nicola Sturgeon. The tories are the safe option but hey, who wants to take the safe option all the time. It's boring, as are the party. Annabel Goldie does her best as leader I suppose but it's the lackies who need work. When I became a tory the woman who came to see me reeked of desperation, "I'm so glad you joined, we need more young ones like you". I didn't renew...


Richard Havers said...

Being happy to pay more in tax for reforms is one thing, seeing these reforms delivered and feeling like we're getting value for money is quite another. The doors of perception close you down very quickly in politics and I suspect that will be the SNP's biggest problem. Euphoria has a habit of turning to urea pretty soon after an election.

Grant said...

The problem is that if the SNP hold a referendum in 2 to 3 years time, then they probably will win it. The reason being we will have a Tory UK Government, unlikely to be sanctioned by Scottish voters. That Tory Government will surge to power on a wave of English nationalism as never before. And that will be a very interesting dynamic for Scottish nationalism and governance to measure up against.

For Unionists your best hope is for the SNP to win and have a straight option question (Independence or Union) within a year or so of them taking office - there's a large chance they'll lose that. After a few years or so, and if the govern fairly competently and have the answers for the independence question attitudes will change back to the majorities supporting independence that we usually see.

But then I think, as I always have done, that the final push for Scottish independence won't come from Scotland at all......

Interesting times ahead, even if the SNP fail to get into power.