Thursday, March 22, 2007

Savage Killers' minimum jail terms cut

Here are three stories of savage killers having their sentences reduced for unbelievable reasons.

In the first case a killer who had previously murdered,and then went onto to savagely murder his brother with an axe, has had his sentence reduced. Apparently he has been a good boy since then and should be released to murder someone else. The only saving grace is that this guy is now getting on a bit (he is 66)which is not unusual for someone who has murdered on two separate occasions and lived through both sentences!

The second killer has had his 20 year minimum term cut by 3 years after he shot dead a tourist, tried to murder the rest of the man's family and robbed them. Why has he had his sentence reduced you wonder, well this time apparently the sentence was "excessive", and "he has influenced for the better the lives of fellow prisoners by his own conduct". I joke not! This is absolute b***ocks.

The third scroat, who murdered a security guard horrifically by kicking and stampimg on him, leaving only three ribs undamaged, as this didn't seem to be enough he then slashed his victims face and boiling water was poured over the mans head, so not too much violence there then. Apparently his sentence has been cut because the appeal judges thought it was a good idea.

So there you go even after murdering someone savagely and in some cases going on to to do it again, if you are good in prison, you'll be out double quick.

And just remember don't worry life will, in any case, be better for these poor scroats in prison as they now will get all the benefits of normal life as it will be against their "Human Rights" to deny them anything available outside prison.

BBC NEWS | Scotland | Killers' minimum jail terms cut

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The Tin Drummer said...

I know nothing about these cases other than your post but - fuck me - Jesus! - this is...worse than the Daily Mail could imagine on a bad trip.