Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Airhead backs Scroat over jail phone message

Apparently an airhead of a judge has issued a ruling on the legal challenge on recorded messages on phone calls from jail and that they are an unlawful invasion of a convicted scroat's privacy.

Lord Glennie said people were not stripped of their basic rights simply because they had been jailed, and he held that the Scottish Prison Service did not have the authority of parliament for its policy of attaching the warning to all telephone calls.

So the scroats who have, by definition, removed the basic rights of other people, in this case by repeated jailing for assault and armed robbery are being "victimised".

Perhaps we should just set them free, just in case, we deny them anymore rights.

Annabel Goldie, the Scottish Tory leader, claimed the rights of prisoners were being promoted above those of the law-abiding and said the ruling had made Scotland

"a laughing stock".
She also said:
"Prisoners forfeit a number of rights when they go to jail, which should include the ability to dictate on what terms they make a phone call."

Ken MacAskill, the SNP's justice spokesman, said:

"This is outrageous. People who breach the law must pay the price. Taxpayers' money is being used to fund these legal aid cases, money which could be going to help vulnerable people in need of legal representation. A line needs to be drawn now."
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Noddy said...

I wonder sometimes why I even bother to do my job and am no longer surprised that mops have lost complete faith in the justice system.

Victim orientated?