Saturday, February 10, 2007

Miliband - You are not worthy

Why did the BBC concentrate so much on Miliband's gaffe late on in Question Time. Miliband said

"I predict that when I come back on this programme in six months or a year’s time, people will be saying ‘wouldn’t it be great to have that Blair back because we can’t stand that Gordon Brown’."
Perhaps it is worthy of noting that the description of Miliband by Question Time included the following
Once described by Blair as the "Wayne Rooney of the Cabinet".
Having watched the first 20-30 mins of it on BBC1, I was cringing as all the panellists stormed into Miliband and his answers, he was the pathetic, fawning, autocratic, arrogant, sneering spinning and just plain lying puppet of this Government.

I then popped onto Political Betting to have a look at the take on what was happening and noticed the details of the BBC "News" of Miliband's gaffe. I thought I must have missed it during his cringing performance, maybe I had just shut it out amongst his vapid and crass comments, then I realised it hadn't been shown yet!

When I read the full details I thought of how true the statement would be, and for all the right reasons, GB will be an unworthy PM, ducking and diving from the hard issues of Government.

Paul Linford, a Labour blogger and former lobby journalist, commenting on the gaffe had the following to say.

Miliband tried to explain it away by saying he was merely making the point that people always complain about the sitting Prime Minister, but the Brownites will view the comment as, at best, inept and, at worst, indicative of the mindset in the "Blair Bunker."
I don't think Gordon will forget this, and it may well take him a fairly long time to forgive. I may have to revise my predictions as to the make up of Brown's future Cabinet.
A gaffe it was , badly phrased and badly thought out, by a typically inept NuLab front man but it was the earlier parts of the programme that showed for real that Miliband is not worthy of being in the cabinet or parliament, far less a contender for the leadership of a major political party in the UK.

Watch the full Question Time here.

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