Thursday, February 22, 2007

Harry and Iraq

I must admit I'm in two minds about whether Prince Harry should serve in Iraq.

On the one hand I think it is right that he should defend his country and be on the front-line and on the other I can see the dangers that he might bring to his fellow Officers and Men.

On balance I believe he should be there, if his exact location can be kept fairly secure, and thus does not make him the target of attacks by the terrorists who are causing all the trouble in Iraq.

Also the example of him actually serving in Iraq will be good both for all the armed forces but also for Britain as a whole.

I wish him the good luck he deserves for his bravery and that he returns home safely to his family along with all the others who are serving with our Armed Services in these troubled times.

The Prince of Wales - A joint statement from the Ministry of Defence and Clarence House about the operational deployment of Cornet Wales

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