Friday, March 10, 2006

Follyrood sorry Holyrood Update

The "Scotsman" now devotes a complete topic to the Follyrood Building and it's problems.
Arup the engineers investigating the current problem managed a 6 sentence report in a week. Not bad almost as quick as building this waste of money.

Now its costing us in Scotland an extra 10k a week just to hire somewhere else before you count the cost of everything else (Buses are 1500 pounds as MSP's can't walk like normal people)

In addition it appears that Follyrood is losing lots of hot air, over and above that generated by the Edinburgh and Glasgow Mafia's spoutings.

In complete contrast the Welsh, yes the Welsh, appear to have managed to create a reasonable building for their parliament. Even only managed to be just 10% over budget and at 67m a snip compared to our 430m. News - Holyrood parliament building

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Womble said...

I visited Edinburgh back in February and thought that it was a beautiful city. Sadly, I think that Holyrood parliament building ruins it. It's probably the ugliest building I have ever seen :o(

Dynamic Earth was damned impressive though :o) Can't wait to go back.