Monday, May 18, 2009

Scottish Pravda Propaganda

Read the attached piece from Scottish Pravda. It is stunning how a supposedly non-partisan broadcaster paid for by us can get away with posting this as news. They have no other stories like this and it is the top story for Scotland this morning. I can only think that it is as Morus twittered

The award for most-brazen-publishing-of-press-release-by-lazy-hack-ever (politics prize)?
The only consolation is the image on the page which is possibly not quite what Labour would like as according to the story
Scottish Labour is launching its European election campaign with a pledge to fight for jobs
The story continues with this gem

Scottish Labour's lead European candidate, David Martin, said: "The overwhelming desire is for politicians to work together through this economic crisis.

"That is what defines the Scottish Labour Party - passionate about Scotland, determined to help middle income and modest income families, and always prepared to work internationally to solve the great problems of the world."

Mr Gray said the Scottish National Party was not doing enough to help people through the recession, adding: "To overcome this economic crisis, we need to work together - MSPs, MEPs, MPs all working in harmony.

"There is no division of responsibility for getting out of recession, because there are no Scotland-only solutions. We have to work together across the UK and across Europe, and focus on jobs."

This is just straight fantasy politics. Perhaps this is why they have come third in two recent Scottish sub-samples of national polls after the SNP and Tories

BBC NEWS | Scotland | Scottish Labour in Euro poll push

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