Wednesday, November 05, 2008

President Obama - Cameron:Important moment for world

Conservative leader David Cameron said Mr Obama was the first of a new generation of world leaders.

"In electing Barack Obama, America has made history and proved to the world that it is a nation eager for change," he said.

"This has been an exciting and inspirational contest with two great candidates.

"In these difficult times people everywhere are crying out for change. Barack Obama is the first of a new generation of leaders who will deliver it - he has my whole-hearted congratulations.

"This is an important moment not just for America but for the world.

"Barack Obama's victory will give people a new opportunity to look at the United States and see her for what I believe she is - a beacon of opportunity, freedom and democracy."

Let us hope this is the first of a number of changes in World Leadership to rid us of stale and discredited leaders.

Ananova - Cameron: Important moment for world

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Irene said...

Now that a new Democratic President took his place in the office,what really goal should he impose is to restore global

stability, in order to resolve and save the economy that interconnected to the US.It is needed that a good communication to

the people should be work in his hand and realize for the benefits of all.Of course, Governor Rick Perry of the state of

Texas is no stranger to the said controversy. First of all, Governor Perry governs the state that
has ordered over a full third of all executions in the U.S. since the reinstatement of capital punishment. On a lighter note,
Texas is the home to the Dallas Cowboys. (Well, at least they're friendly to payday loans.) Governor Rick Perry has also
done everything in his power to refuse any stimulus payment from President Obama. His reasoning is that accepting the funds
will require him to restructure and redefine the terms of unemployment benefits in his state so that more people will have
easier access to those benefits. Governor Schwarzenegger of California has gone on record stating that any funds that Governor Rick
refuses will be gladly accepted by California.