Saturday, October 04, 2008

Mischievous Mandy drops another brick

I haven't blogged for a while but thought this story about Mandelson would show the character of this politician.

I quote

It was only weeks ago that Peter Mandelson was, in the words of a senior Tory source, “dripping pure poison” about Gordon Brown in his ears. These were not just passing remarks but a well-constructed critique of the prime minister’s failings born of intimate knowledge. The government’s vulnerability to the charge of overloading the country with debt was also discussed, I can reveal.
This article will let you know who the senior Tory is.

When Peter picked a peck of pitta ...

Could the Taverna Agni be the new Granita? It has already been noted that European Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson dined with shadow chancellor George Osborne at the taverna in northern Corfu in August, and Osborne has said he has broken bread with Mandelson before, at Davos earlier this year.

But since when was Corfu the scene of high-powered political meetings? Mandelson has been a keen visitor to the island since banker and philanthropist Lord Rothschild, who owns a swish villa there, began extending his hospitality to the former spin doctor. And Osborne has also been schmoozing with the banking family. He has found a keen fan in the shape of Lady Serena Rothschild, who donated £190,000 to the Conservative party, specifically for Osborne's office.

What could Osborne and Mandelson be talking of while chewing their calamari? Surely Mandelson, occasional friend of Gordon Brown, would not have been so naughty as to offer advice to Osborne on strategy?

Gordon will reap what he has sowed.

Mischievous Mandy drops another brick | Martin Ivens - Times Online

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