Friday, June 06, 2008

Queen moves to Aviemore

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Now I know Aviemore has had a wee bit of an investment recently but the website shown here seems to think it's a major city in the UK. I quote
Aviemore; one of the world’s most important business and cultural centres, with worldwide influence in many spheres. There is a huge amount to see in Aviemore, and a huge amount of Aviemore accommodation to choose from, weather you are looking for a Aviemore flat to rent for a weekend break, or a Aviemore house for a few weeks. Aviemore’s culture is hugely varied with over 300 languages spoken, and the atmosphere changes from street to street. Aviemore has a huge depth of historic attractions, including 4 UNESCO World Heritage sites, including the Houses of Parliament, St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge, the Tower of Aviemore, Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace.

Aviemore also boasts a variety of active attractions and galleries. The Aviemore Eye is a great starting point to get your bearings in this massive city. The Aviemore Dungeons, British Museum, National Gallery and the Tate Modern Gallery are all huge attractions in their fields. The River Thames is the heart of Aviemore, and taking a cruise down the River also lets you see many of Aviemore’s most renowned points of interest.
Not the Aviemore I remember from last weekend!

Update 1: As Big Bro says Aviemore appears to have moved to England as well.
Update 2: The website has been changed to be a bit more like the right place but still in England. The image still show the original

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Noddy said...

It's moved to England too.