Sunday, May 06, 2007

Crap Coverage

Friday was a bit of a bad day for personal reasons I'm not going to mention, but a bit before that all happened the event mentioned happened, and I must admit I was a bit bemused at the time and wondered if I had really heard it right.

Anyway 12 hours later I remembered about it and thought it was worth mentioning as it was definitely the funniest moment I could recall in the election coverage, even surpassing watching our Jack stumble through his acceptance speech, the Arran boat saga, wondering why Ms Sturgeon should be called "Gnasher" and the debates on what Mr Eugenides should drink (A flaming anti-freeze, margarita and toilet duck cocktails with a brolly and a twist of lemon).

I thought Iain might ignore it, I would have, but he fessed up really well. As one of the comments on his blog says

I can't imagine any politician except Iain being honest enough to say 'had to answer a call of nature'.

That honesty is the main reason I look at your blog every day, Iain - though, admittedly, hearing you fart and so on was a little too much realism :)

If only these politicians had brain enough to learn that honesty is what the electorate long for. Spin and scripted presentation - even when designed to appear unscripted - are just massive turn electoral offs.

Politicians, burn your bloody scripts, forget the over-sculpted, apparatchick hair styles and personas and please, please, please speak from the heart - if you have hearts, that is.
Thanks for the moment Iain, I just don't want to dream about it again.

Iain Dale's Diary: Great Television Moments: No 94


Richard Havers said...

I'm with 100% on that. The honesty argument is SO important. We were talking while dog walking yesterday and the subject of the list votes came up. For most people with only a passing interest in the election they have no real knowledge of the people, the individuals, on the list that they are voting for. All they are really voting for is a party and all that does is to stop people really thinking of what it is they are voting for. I'm minded to write about this on my own blog - just need a little time to get my random thoughts together!

Fitaloon said...

You're very right on tbat, who are most of the list MSP's many people have not heard of them and they appear to get their power from who they know rather than what they have done. The same is true of the Local Councils, we have a Lib Dem councillor now who I didn't even realise lived in our village, he is completely invisible, friend of mine shared a flat at Uni with him and said he was an arrogant, aloof kind of guy, well suited then to being a lib dem. Our local tory councillor is the exact opposite, always available and ready to help and yet he lives 15-20 miles away.

Richard Havers said...

This whole 'invisible list' thing is the true scandal of the political scene in Scotland. At least with first past the post you have to have some visibility.

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends - CLUB SCOTLAND!

Anonymous said...

At least I guess Scottish Nationalists want Scotland to take responsibility for itself. Scottish Unionists probably only worry that independence will cut off their subsidies!

Richard Havers said...

Anon - a bit simplistic don't you think?