Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Aberdeen Councillor Quits - Update 3

A further update on this story of an Aberdeen Lib Dem Councillor, Raymond Hutcheon, quitting after 20 Years.

According to the local rag, the P&J, a 17 year old girl, Kylie Hufton, appeared on petition at Aberdeen Sheriff Court charged with allegedly conspiring to abduct and assault Councillor Hutcheon.

I'll leave you to ponder on that one.

Both Raymond Hutcheon and Kate Dean, Lib Dem and local Council leader, declined to comment yesterday.

The P&J had some more information on Raymond:

Yesterday, the councillor's home in Corsehill Croft, which has around an acre of land and stands on one corner of a busy crossroads, remained deserted.

The garden was uncared for, littered with broken glass and bits of cable and plastic.

A rusty blue van, a caravan, a trailer and a Ford Escort with no numberplate sat in the back garden and an adjoining yard was a mess of car parts and junk. There was another old van in the yard, emblazoned with Raymond Hutcheon Ltd, which had a dirty mattress inside.

The house was in a dishevelled state. Paint was peeling from the front entrance and glass panes in the back porch were smashed. Dead plants, keys and medicine bottles were scattered on windowsills.

Neighbours were reluctant to criticise Mr Hutcheon but described him variously as "foolish", "naive" and "misled".

One neighbour said there were regular "comings and goings" at the councillor's house during the night and women would get out of cars and taxis would arrive.

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