Sunday, September 10, 2006

Warning to Which? subscribers.

A warning to Which? subscribers. The following letter was sent out by Which? to all Which? online users. It appears that due to a complete lack of expertise they have sent the user id and password for current subscribers of the Which? web site in clear. So if anyone else sees this letter they have all your details, Membership Number, Address, ID (which is your e-mail address) and Password.

OK you say but that site doesn't have anything on it of any great interest that I can't get anywhere else, but the problem is, that many people use the same password for all their ID'S. So now we have a larger problem. Using the E-Mail address and the password many things may open up. Bank Accounts, Credit Cards, Amazon etc etc. Manna from heaven for anyone who knew what to do.

I was lucky the password on the letter is one I use for insecure or general sites. I use different passwords for my secure sites. I was also lucky I noticed this as the letter lay around our house for a few days before I read it, just before throwing it away.

I phoned Which? and their only answer was SORRY. Wonderful, no advice on what to do next and what they were doing to sort this out. I was not the first person to complain.

So you have been warned.

P.S. Just in case I have changed my passwords!!

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Noddy said...

Which? The consumers friend? Nice to see they are tops with customer care!