Friday, September 29, 2006

Age law 'threat to minimum wage'

What a wonderful government we have. Not satisfied with making a pigs ear of Iraq/Afghanistan they have now turned their attention to the UK. As usual, from them, an ill thought out and applied law. When will they learn.
BBC NEWS | Business | Age law 'threat to minimum wage'


Noddy said...

I quote from the Beeb's article "The legislation has been introduced following an EU directive from Brussels which makes discrimination on the ground of age illegal."

Hardly a Labour Law (sic).

But, I agree it will be a minefield.

Alastair said...

The point is they have implemented a law that fundamentally disagrees with one of their other laws. When you introduce legislation you have to consider these sort of things. Unfortunately Labout has a habit of ignoring these sort of problems and creating poor/bad laws.